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October 10 2013


April 15 2013

  Here are a few things I suggest you try to jump-start your productivity by adding some positivity. I admit a lot of them might make you look like a crazy person, but, in the pursuit of productivity, I'm willing to try anything.

1. Smile at strangers.

Step away from your stressful environment for a 20-minute walk. Smile at the people you meet along the way. You will more than make up for the time with your increased productivity levels when you return.

2. Bust a move. 

Put on some great dance music and have a little 5-minute party! That's right, just dance. You don't even need a partner!

3. Fire up the YouTube.

Find a favorite funny video on YouTube and take a laughter break. Cute cat videos have been shown to help as well. (Not kidding.)

4. Talk to yourself. 

This sounds nuts, but take a cue from old-school motivational speakers and books: Pace around the room reciting empowering affirmations in a positive, confident tone of voice and great posture.

5. Belt it out. 

Sing to your animals or children--just be silly and let them in on the fun!

6. Get physical. 

Do a series of jumping jacks with a big smile on your face. (Bonus: 100 jumping jacks is said to burn 100 calories. Have a snack!)

7. Dial a friend. 

Pick up the phone and cheer up someone's day with an "I love you!"

8. Hoot and holler. 

Just let out a simple "woo-hoo!" and think about a goal or future event that really charges you up.

9. Do a Julie Andrews. 

Think of one or two things that you are deeply grateful for and allow the thoughts to bring a smile of gratitude to your face. (You should think of a few of your favorite things several times a day anyway!)


April 11 2013

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January 19 2013

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November 29 2012

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November 10 2012

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September 16 2012

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August 30 2012

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July 12 2012


dziś zrobię coś, czego innym się nie chce

jutro zrobię coś, czego inni nie będą w stanie

May 26 2012


February 28 2012


February 15 2012

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February 01 2012

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January 29 2012

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